God’s Love for the Lost

Out of the millions of different ways God could have chosen to tell the world about His love, He chose you and I.  He designed us to tell a story. In fact, He designed all of creation to tell a story.  And that story, as a believer, should always point back to Him.

As I prepared for the series Jonah and the City, I am reminded that we as disciples are called to be on mission everywhere we go.  God’s love isn’t just for believers.  God’s love is for all. It’s for the person who cut you off this morning on your drive to work.  It’s for the drunkard walking into the bar tonight.  It’s for the single teenage mother going to night classes.  It’s for the conservative.  It’s for the liberal.  It’s for our friends. It’s for our enemies.

You have been given a divine appointment, God-created opportunity, to tell others about His love.  Exactly who you are and exactly where you are in your life, God wants to use you to spread the Gospel message of Christ.  As we learn from Paul, speaking to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:1-2, (paraphrased): Timothy, all that you have heard and seen from me, show and teach others who will show and teach others, who will continue the legacy.

This is the multiplication method of discipleship that Jesus taught.  Make disciples who make disciples.  Our compassion for the others, including the lost should be imitating the compassion our Father has for His creation.  And what better story to know about God’s compassion than the story of Jonah.