Discipleship starts at home. That’s is the way God created it. It is centered on the family. And ministry is no different… family is the key. Student ministry is effective only with a successful, empowering home. Our student ministry emphasizes that parents become an active example for their students to follow. Our leaders and parents can combine to empower students to become disciples that make disciples.

If you can imagine the church as the color yellow, and the home as the color red – we need students in a healthy shade of orange.  We need to be thinking orange in everything we do.  Our student ministry can not exist without students, parents and the youth volunteers working hand in hand to help students become disciples that make disciples.

If you at any time need help, have questions, or just need to talk about students, feel free to call, text, email, or send smoke signals (but call or text first so I can be looking for them).  Part of our role, is to help and encourage you in your role, as you help and encourage us in our role, etc.