PreK - Kindergarten

For over 50 years, First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten has provided a weekday school program in Jennings. Our purpose is to extend the services of the church into the community by providing a weekday program in which the kindergarten child can develop academically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.  Our program is comparable, and, in many cases, exceeds, other programs of its kind in both the public and private sector.  It is our goal to provide a stable, loving environment to bridge the gap between home and the newness of school.

Our objectives are to provide a happy Christian environment where the child can grow and mature in a well-balanced way.  We give the child the opportunity of association with others so that he can learn social skills, to respect the rights of others and his own rights, respect for authority and cooperation within the group necessary for school life.  All of this should be done in a Christian atmosphere while teaching the child of God and His love, Jesus and the Bible.




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