We are better together.  Over and over the Bible teaches that believers are expected to come together, meet, fellowship, worship and study God's Word.  Connect Groups are the place for connecting with other believers on the same journey as you, and doing live together.  Joining a group allows a person to go deeper in God's word, participate in open discussion, develop community, create accountability, and enjoy fellowship with others! From weekly Bible studies, to monthly or quarterly gatherings, Connect Groups are where life and church family meet and grow.

If you are interested in signing up for a Connect Group, look through our possible groups below and choose the one you like best.  Our groups can be found here.


Connect Groups

Nursery/Preschool (ages 2-3)
Mrs. Kendra | Sunday | 9:15a | Nursery

Preschool 4 & Kindergarten (ages 4-6)
Mrs. Dale & Mrs. Ann | Sunday | 9:15a | Children's Building

Children (1st - 2nd gr)
Mrs. Carol | Sunday | 9:15a | Children's Building

Girls (3rd - 6th gr)
Mrs. Niki & Mrs. Debbie | Sunday | 9:15a | Children's Building

Boys (3rd - 6th gr)
Bro. Brian, Mr. Ross, Mr. Dennis | Sunday | 9:15a | Children's Building

Youth (7th - 12th gr)
Mr. Bradley, Mrs. Amber, Ms. Chelsea | Sunday | 9:15a | Refuge

Adult 2 - Co-ed
Tommy Stockwell | Sunday | 9:15a | FLC

Foundations (Co-ed; 20's - 40's)
Joseph & Katie Carter | Sunday | 9:15a | Young Life Building

Pillars (Co-ed; 40's - 70's)
Kurt & Tina Goebel | Sunday | 9:15a | Young Life Building

Adult 3 - Co-ed
Tommy Stockwell | Sunday | 9:15a | FLC

Ladies 1
Lisa Royer | Sunday | 9:15a | FLC Dining Room

Ladies 2 (Mary-Martha Class; ages 65+)
Judy McFarlain | Sunday | 9:15a | FLC Conference Room

Ladies 3 
Maxine Myers | Sunday | 9:15a | Sanctuary Classroom

John Sandiferd | Sunday | 9:15a | Sanctuary Conference Room