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Friend of Sinners

March 24, 2019
  Jesus took the initiative to build relationships. Jesus didn’t allow prejudice to affect building relationships. Jesus demonstrated that (Southern Baptist Style) sharing a meal is one of the best       …

When We Pray

March 17, 2019
  There is Great Power in Prayer  Learning from Jesus, we Ought to Pray;  1. Alone 2. Pray before being needed (by busy life) 3. Pray for Purpose and Direction 4.…

The Least of These

March 10, 2019
  How Do I Become a Kingdom Servant (a sheep)?  Be Prepared for Jesus to Return  Know Jesus, No Matter What Develop a Servant Heart as a Natural Expression of Who You…

Come and See

February 24, 2019
We “Come and See”  In community  With the privilege of knowing Jesus  With Doubting, cleared up With the realization that Jesus knows Us