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Fully Alive

October 21, 2018
  We Can Decide, Once And For All, Not To Practice Sin  v.1  And Accept That Life Comes From Death, (Seed)  v.2-4  We Can Serve God In Unity Of Purpose And Live, Free…

Life as WE Know It

October 14, 2018
 It is reasonable to Expect that things go well (from time to time).    V. 1-2 When Life is going Well:  Peace-settled with God and with the World  Access-To an intimate…

This Matter of Faith

October 7, 2018
  Is Available for ALL People (nations)  v. 16-17   Is Rooted in Hope v. 18  Is Imputed (caused to be) v. 23  That we be justified (just as if we have…

God’s Been So Good

September 23, 2018
  How does the goodness of God lead to repentance?  1. v.5 His Goodness is in Such Sharp Contrast to His Wrath 2. v.7 His Goodness Gives Us a Taste of His Glory 3.…

Not Ashamed

September 16, 2018
  Because I Am Not Ashamed: We are eager to pray for one another.   We are eager to prosper together.   We are eager to plan unity.   We are eager to proclaim the Gospel.
  The Parable of the Persistent Widow   Luke 18:1-8     When We are Persistent In Prayer: We Do Not Lose Heart _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Learn That It Is Ok…

The Prodigal Son

August 12, 2018
God wants you to know that He loves you so much.   God’s grace is sufficient for all.  Have WE disgraced the Father?  We need to return.  A. Realize our sin…