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Everybody Needs Good News

November 10, 2019
  Encouragement by Good News  v.6  Good News of your Faith Good news of your Love Good news of Memories  Encouragement by Standing Fast in the Lord  v. 8 We…


October 13, 2019
  The Standard is Jesus v.18 The Works of the Church are Primary   v.19  The Price of Tolerating Jezebel is High   v.20 The Correction is Welcomed v.21-25 The Rewards Come…

Truth Matters

October 6, 2019
  When We Hold to the Truth:  We are Affirmed in Our faith by Jesus  We Avoid the “These Things I Have Against You”  When we Discover That WE are…

Ripened Fruit

September 15, 2019
Be ready to Listen to “Ripe” Word Treat Others Kindly, With Respect   Turn, Quickly to the Message of the Cross  Restore the Sabbath  Have High Regard for Worship