Dear church family,


Do you remember your first grade teacher? I sure do. Her name was Mrs. Randolph and she had been teaching for many years before I moved into her class. She was gentle but firm, and she was determined to teach us the foundational building blocks of a learning education right there in first grade. We learned how to write our letters in a big chief tablet. Mrs. Randolph gave me extra attention with my writing skills because I was left-handed. I had a tendency to curl my hand around the letters, and Mrs. Randolph kept turning my hand around so that I would hold the pencil in the proper position. It was difficult to do, but to this day I think of Mrs. Randolph as I write with a pencil on a paper, holding my hand in the proper position.


I know you agree with me when I say, I am so thankful for good teachers that set me up to be successful in life. As our children and teachers start school this year, we pray that those mentoring relationships will bear much fruit that will last for a lifetime.


As we think of mentoring relationships that cause us to grow and develop in a way that pleases God, we know that the church also has a role to play in helping to educate young people and adults to reach their full potential. I am so thankful that God calls all of us in the church to contribute to the life of other people, so that everyone can reach their full potential.


Also, I want to encourage everyone to attend church tonight at 5:00 PM. We will be hearing from Carlos Schmidt who is our language church planter with     Louisiana Baptist convention. Carlos has developed A relationship with Brownsville Baptist Church. This church is ministering to asylum-seekers who are making their way north from Mexico and Central America. We will learn of ways we can help those who are in a sincere crisis, with the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ. We have invited area churches to come and attend, and we will have a fellowship for everyone after the service.



Dr j