First Place

Jumpstart your summer with other ladies who are changing how we view food and exercise, from a biblical perspective as we start a new session. Join now for only $15 (normally $95) for this 6-week class. We are studying Joyce Ainsworth’s book on Food, Freedom and Finish Lines. Come build new relationships with us!

Orientation will be June 5th at 6pm. For more information or to register, contact the church office at 337.824.3271 or Phyllis Prejean at 337.884.3518.

Joyce Ainsworth is a regular girl who has achieved remarkable weight loss of 192 pounds (a whole person). Maybe you’ve read countless “how to” books on weight loss and never found real lasting success. Until now! Your finish line is in sight! Stop dieting forever and follow Joyce’s lead to win back your life. Joyce has developed a 21 jumpstart to help you get started on a new lifestyle and a sprint to the finish; for those last 10 pounds, also tips on food and exercise to guide you as you learn to maintain your new lifestyle that will be simple and easy to follow. Her story is more about winning than loss. Food, freedom, and Finish Lines invites you to finally find freedom! Join Joyce’s journey and learn to Change Your Mind! Change Your Body! Change Your Life! Food, Freedom and Finish Lines is Life Changing.

First Place


Join us for a 12-week session that will change your life as you put Jesus in “first Place”! Cost for a new member is $89.99 which covers the cost of the member’s kit and Bible study. Cost for a returning member, who has the most recent member’s kit, is $22.

To register, please call the church office.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30