MDO Information

Our Program:

The goal of Mother’s Day Out is to provide a Christian based, safe and happy learning environment for children from the age of 1 through the age of 4. While we do introduce academic skills, our focus is more on intrapersonal skills.  We give moms a much-needed break and children the joy of early friendships.

Date and Time:

We are open on Tuesday and Thursday from 8am until 2pm from September through May.  We also offer a summer program during the months of June, July and August on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am until 2pm.  We follow the Jeff Davis Parish School closure schedule for holidays and weather closures.  We also have a couple of closures throughout the year, each will be announced with at least one-month notice.

What you need to bring:

  1. A bag which contains a full change of clothing and diapers if needed. This bag will go home with your child each day.  The bag should be large enough to easily hold a standard size folder that will contain your child’s artwork and teacher communication forms.
  2. A lunch in a lunch box. We encourage you to send things that your child likes and can feed him/herself. Lunch should include a drink in a no spill cup as well as any utensils needed. Please send lunch with any needed cool packs or with hot food in a thermos.  We have limited refrigerator space and we do not heat food due to time limitations at mealtimes.
  3. A nap mat. The mat should roll or fold neatly, and a small travel size pillow and a blanket may be included.  This will be kept at school and sent home periodically to be washed.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Closed toe shoes, like sneakers, are best.  Our playground has mulch and it is uncomfortable when it gets into sandals.
  2. Dress your child for comfort in play clothes, we play hard and we make messes!
  4. We discourage toys being brought from home.  Sharing is a hard skill for young children to learn, therefore, we like for all the toys at MDO to belong to everyone.