Livin’ on a Prayer

Dear Church Family,


I read something on Facebook the other day that was worth remembering and practicing.  The post said something like “I encourage your to pray for someone you know for 30 days without letting them know you are praying”.  I thought, “I can do that!!  I thought again, I need to do that!!”.  I have someone in mind that I am going to pray for.  The ultimate goal for my friend is to pray toward a spiritual conversation that will lead to the friend accepting Jesus into his life.  The commitment is quite simple.  Every time I see him, every time I see his truck, every time I drive by his house, I will offer a prayer.  So, what are some things that I can pray for, to God, for my friend?

  1. Pray that God’s blessings will flow into his life
  2. Pray that he will be a great husband/father
  3. Pray for his busy life to slow down
  4. Pray for time to converse with him for more than 30 seconds
  5. Pray that his heart will be stirred to spiritual things
  6. Pray for the opportunity to live my faith in front of my friend
  7. Pray for an opportunity to share my faith and hopefully lead my friend to know and commit to Jesus.

Do you have a 30 day friend in need?  I challenge to secretly pray for that friend for 30 days.  “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” in prayer.

See what God will do with your prayers.



Dr. j