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Dream Time

June 16, 2019
When we pursue the dream: 1. All nations will flow to the mountain of the Gospel. 2. Many people will: a. Be taught b. Walk in the ways of the…

Timeless Wisdom

May 19, 2019
Stir Up the Gift II Timothy 1:6  Commit Your Life to Others II Timothy 2:2 Have Supreme Confidence in the Word II Timothy 3:16-17 **No audio available for this sermon**


April 28, 2019
We can’t go back to fishing. We must return to shore (Jesus).   We must experience forgiveness on His terms 3 times.   We must be restored.  The stench fades.

Did Not Know

April 21, 2019
This “KNOWING”  v. 15 Comes with Weeping (emotional to exchange sin for a relationship)  v. 16-17 Reunites the Father and the son (having destroyed sin)  v. 19 Brings Peace  v. 21…