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A New Tongue

January 26, 2020
When we develop a “New Tongue”:  We Attend to Matters of the _____________  We Realize that the Language is an __________  Right Now, We Need to __________  

New Wineskins

January 19, 2020
To live an authentic spiritual life: We must really want it We must know it works We must “work” at it We will grow  Putting New “Christ” into your old…

New Authority

January 12, 2020
When we function in the Authority of Jesus:   We Have the Power to Tell Evil Influences to “Be  Quiet”   We Have the Power to Know the Word   …

My New Covenant

January 5, 2020
What “New” Thing are We to do as a result of knowing (receiving) the New Covenant?   LIVE a New Life  LOVE a New Way LINGER at the Table LATCH…

When We Wait

December 29, 2019
We Are Eager to Worship  v.41 Seeking the Lord Seeking Answers Growing closer to one another Growing closer to God   We Grow  v.40 Becoming Strong in Spirit Becoming Filled…

As We Live, Be Reminded

November 24, 2019
That Jesus is Coming Again  So comfort one another with this truth v.11  Highly Regard Others v.13 Practice Patience v.14 Battle Evil v. 15 Rejoice Always v. 16 Pray without…