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Helping The Poor

January 13, 2019
God says: Help the Poor Helping the poor comes from growing a  generous practice God promises everything we need. God promises that our needs are met as we help the…

Giving Till It Helps 

December 30, 2018
Giving Turns the Wrathful Heart of God Away Malachi 3:8   Giving Ignites Your Secret Blessings Matthew 6:1  Giving Invests In Your Heavenly Reward Matthew 6:20   Giving Declares Your Master Matthew 6:24   Giving…

Dream State

December 23, 2018
  What do you need to hear today (maybe in a dream), from God?    God speaks Miracles to us God speaks To Others in Dreams, about us  God speaks…

The Word

November 18, 2018
  Directs our Zeal for Living   Provides Us a Pathway to Righteousness   Is Near  Must Be Spoken   With Belief

By Faith

November 11, 2018
Respond to God, By Faith  Do “Works” as a result of Faith What are the “Works” We are to do the “Works” in appreciation Avoiding the Stumbling blocks Our humanity Our humility Our…