Fresh Grounded Faith Conference

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We are excited to co-host The Fresh Grounded Faith Conference.  This conference is all about real women, relatable stories, and relevant truth. It is:

  • Accessible, practical Bible teaching
  • Real life, relatable stories
  • Intentional blend of current and classic worship

It's our heart and prayer to connect women to each other and to God. And, to see many churches within a community come together. Everybody gets in on the planning, praying, and making FGF happen and it’s a beautiful picture of the body of Christ.

Join us March 20 & 21.  Sorry, registration is now closed.

Real Women. Relevant Truth.

Imagine a coffee shop feel on stage, and being greeted and loved on by sisters from all over your community who attend different churches. Imagine feeling welcome and wanted, comfortable being who you are. Imagine meeting up with your friends or meeting new friends who are just like you.

Imagine learning Scripture and being able to make it real in your life. Imagine joining with hundreds of women reaching out and up to the God who loves you and singing your heart out or just sitting in quietness before Him.

Imagine that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, how much you weigh, what you’re wearing, where you worship or what you’ve done. Imagine that you experience love, hope, and acceptance in a grace-filled zone.

If you can imagine that all that is possible, then you can imagine what a Fresh Grounded Faith Conference feels like!

You are welcome. You are wanted.

So, if you’re deep in the trenches of life and looking for biblical wisdom and hope-filled encouragement to freshen up your faith and ground you more deeply in God’s love, come on sister!

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