Month: October 2019

California Wildfires

Dear Church Family,


The wild fires are raging in California. It is a natural disaster that we are not familiar with in this part of the world.  (We have our own disasters to deal with).  I was listening to a radio report as I was driving the other day, and what I was hearing from California was completely new information and a dilemma that is causing people to suffer in unusual ways.


The forests of California are lined with power lines that run from city to city.  When it gets windy the power lines sway and they will occasionally arc together and start a fire.  In fact, the electric company has been held liable for several damaging fires over the years.  So the electric company has come up with a solution.  When it gets really windy, they just shut off the power to the lines causing a black out to cities all over Northern California. That may not seem like a big deal, but these winds in Northern California can last for 2-3 weeks.

Can you imagine not having power to your stove or refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, because someone cut off a switch?  It is probably the best course of action, but it sure is hard on people who are living without the comforts of home.


As I listened to the people in that area of the country tell their story, it struck me that we live in a vast, diverse country. People are going through all kinds of matters, and are having to learn, adapt and adjust to the circumstances of the day.  And just as people in Northern California are suffering with a particular set of circumstances, people right down the street are dealing with matters as well.  We can be obsessed with fixing our own problems, and forget that others need help too.  The vibrancy of the Christian life is found when we serve others before we worry about ourselves.  Let’s remember to look with compassionate eyes at people around us and pray for people, engage with people, help people, as we press on in this life together.


I am so glad you are here today,

God Bless, Dr. j


Operation Christmas Child



Your are invited to help with the packing of boxes in cartons during collection week of November 18-25 in the Family Life Center.  When they are boxed up, we will take them to Lake Charles to be put on a tractor trailer and shipped to Dallas for processing before they are shipped overseas. 

Contact me by email, text or phone if you would like to help.  The amount of time you can give is not a problem no matter how much or little.

Bill Armstrong @ 337-368-6178


Dates and Times

Monday      Nov.18   1-4pm

Tuesday      Nov. 19  10-12am & 1-4pm

Wednesday Nov. 20  10-12am &  1-4pm

Thursday    Nov. 21 10-12am &  1-4pm

Friday          Nov. 22   10-12am & 1-4pm Saturday     Nov. 23   1-4pm

Sunday        Nov. 24   1-3pm

Monday       Nov. 25    9-11am


Women’s Ministry Conference


Join us for Fresh Grounded Faith, an area-wide conference featuring Jennifer Rothschild that we are co-hosting.

Trinity Baptist Church
Lake Charles, LA
March 20-21, 2020

Registration will be starting November 1 @ or go to our Facebook page.

The first 20 to register get a special rate of $40,  after the first 20 the price will be $45.

First Baptist Church is excited to co-host this event.  If you are interested in volunteering for a small part of this conference contact Tina Goebel.


For more details on this event, visit our event page.