We Are Free

July 16, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 6:5-8 |

  We are taught by Jesus to pray personally Matthew 6:5-8

  • Public Prayer is Acceptable (But be careful of the attitude of the heart)
  • Private Prayer IS Heard
  • Public Answers Belong to the Lord


We are taught by Timothy to Pray for ALL I Timothy 2:1-4 

  • Pray for our Leaders
  • Pray for Peace in Our Land (s)
  • Pray for Salvation to come to many
  • Pray for Truth and Knowledge


We are taught to Pray for Expectantly by James.  James 5:13-18 

  • Pray People Through Suffering
  • Pray People Through Celebration
  • Pray People Through Sickness
  • Pray People TO Salvation (15)

 To Be well

 To be saved

  • Pray People to Resolution With One Another


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