My God, My God

April 2, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 22:1-18 |


 A. Christ Suffered on the Cross for our Salvation.

  1. He was forsaken by God (22:1)
  2. He was despised and mocked (22:6-8
  3. His prayers were unanswered (22:2)
  4. He was overpowered by ferocious men (22:12-13)
  5. He went through the physical and emotional agony of crucifixion (22:14-18)

 B. How should I respond to Christ who suffered for me?

  1. I should trust God when my prayers go unanswered
  2. I should see the greatness of my sin, and the greater greatness of Christ’s love
  3. I should submit to him, knowing that he ordains suffering to come into my life



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