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The Prodigal Son

August 12, 2018
God wants you to know that He loves you so much.   God’s grace is sufficient for all.  Have WE disgraced the Father?  We need to return.  A. Realize our sin…

When We Love More

July 22, 2018
  When we love much...  1. We see, really see, our sin.  2. We are more eager to confess and correct everything.  3. We know that nothing is impossible to forgive.  4.…

Secrets of the Heart

June 24, 2018
 Examine the Hearts  1. The hardened heart  2. The Careless Heart  3. The Crowded Heart  4. The Cultivated Heart   Three Comments to take with you.  Which kind of soil are you?…

Corvette Dad

June 17, 2018
Tell the truth  Control, and do away with anger  Work hard for the right reasons Build up others, especially your family  Be kind  And receive forgiveness (over and over again)

Gideon’s Army

May 27, 2018
 1. God can use simple people in a mighty way 2. God's army is aware 3. God’s army is prepared  4. God’s army followed a plan 5. God’s army, faithfully can accomplish great…


May 20, 2018
   1. We can choose to have hope v.21 2. We can continually call on the mercies of the Lord, and know His compassion v.22 3. We can resurrect God’s faithfulness…

A Resourceful Woman

May 13, 2018
Resourceful Women:  1. Turn to God Always, Particularly in Times of Great Need  2. Know Solutions Are to Be Found 3. Protect Their Family 4. Are Willing to Part with “What They Have”,…