Welcome to fbcJennings.  We are people called by God to serve and love our community.  Through this, we want to connect, grow, serve, and go out and tell everyone about the great news of Jesus Christ.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to get connected in a ConnectGroup where you can enjoy and do life with others in similar experiences.  We also have Bible studies, mission programs, and lots of children’s activities.

If our staff or members can help you in any way, call on us.  Our church office can be reached via the contact us page.  And most staff are available via phone or email.

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Ministering to the Chronically Ill
Christians get high marks when it comes to ministering in crises. But when it comes to meeting the long-term needs of the chronically ill, many fail to get a passing grade. Sure, their intentions are good, but information, tools and…

Mother’s Day Out
Mother's Day Out operates Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2 in the Summer and 8-2 starting in the Fall.  For more information please call the church office at (337) 824-3271.  The following paper work is needed: registration form mdo info sheet

get involved


The Fall Session for FP4H will begin Monday, September 14th at 6:00 pm in the First Place Room (across from the Refuge) and end December 7th. The Bible study for this session is “The Power of Hope”. 
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Children’s Activities

R.A.’s, G.A.’s and Mission Friends will start on Wednesday, September2nd
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Family Serve – Together on Mission

The purpose of “Family Serve” is to encourage families to serve God together in a variety of local ministries.
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